Project Leaders

The project management for the university partnership is taken over by Prof. Dr. Stefan Peters for the JLU, Prof. Dr. Tatjana Louis for the Universidad de los Andes and Prof. Dr. Mokgadi Molope for the North-West University.

Prof. Dr. Tatjana Louis

Tatjana Louis is an associate professor at Universidad de los Andes and the director of the Department of Languages and Culture. Her research interests focus on the narrative self-construction of the subject in history, as well as on the teaching and learning of history, especially conflictual pasts, in institutional and non-institutional spaces. In her current research project, “The Impact of Memory Work within the Colombian Education Community”, she is investigating in cooperation with Stefan Rinke and Mónika Contreras of FU Berlin, the historical consciousness of Colombian students.

Prof. Dr. Mokgadi Molope


Prof. Dr. Stefan Peters

Stefan Peters holds the chair for Peace Studies at the Faculty of Law at the JLU Giessen in Germany and the Academic Director of the Instituto CAPAZ. He studied Political Science, History and Peace and Conflict Studies at the Philipps-University Marburg and Universidad Complutense de Madrid.

Afterwards and obtained his PhD in Political Science and his Habilitation at the University of Kassel (Germany). Stefan Peters works in the fields of Neo-Extractivism and Rentism, Social Inequalities, Education, Memory Studies, Development Theory and North South Relations.

He has been visiting professor and researcher at universities in countries such as Cuba, Argentina, Ecuador and Puerto Rico. 


Scholars at the participating universities are furthermore Prof. Dr. Jörn Ahrens, Prof. Dr. Pia Bombardella; Prof. Dr. Enrique Chaux, Markus Ciesielski, Prof. Dr. Verena Dolle, Dr. Rosario Figari Layús; Juliana González Villamizar, Prof. Dr. Andre Goodrich; Prof. Dr. Regina Kreide, Prof. Dr. Thilo Marauhn; Prof. Dr. Kieran Odhav, Prof. Dr. José Fernando Serrano; Prof. Dr. Aaron Tshidzumba. The cooperation project is open to further scholars from the participating universities.

Header photo: Luis Enrique Sierra